Welcome to the Wiki

Hey guys, what's up? PixelartBuilder583 here, and this is my wiki. Anyone can view the pictures of characters that are in my Text-to-Speech videos, or read the descriptions about them. You should also know me as the guy who makes Microsoft Sam Plays Minecraft, Microsoft Sam and Friends Play Left 4 Dead 2, and some gaming videos that I sometimes make. However, this wiki will only regard my TTS videos on any series that I plan on doing in my channel throughout the franchise. If you want to post questions, ideas on videos, or anything that I can answer, here's a comment system.

Rules in the Wiki

  1. Do not request pages or anything like that in any gaming series that I do.
  2. Trolling, spamming, hate mail, and/or insults will not be tolerated! You can be blocked or banned from this wiki if you don't follow this rule.
  3. You can request errors or signs for the series "Microsoft Sam reads Funny Signs and Errors", but make sure it's something that does NOT lead to any kind of copyright problems.
  4. If I don't accept a request that you posted in my channel or in this wiki, don't be offended as I can save it for later. However, not all requests have to be accepted.
  5. Try to know what you mean in your post, regardless of if they're questions, complaints, etc.. I have a hard time understanding some comments, especially if it's incorrect grammar.
  6. Don't steal any material that I have made that's in the wiki! ASK FOR PERMISSION!

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